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Operation Kindness for Hernando County Animal Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 6977, Spring Hill, FL  34611


501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Operation Kindness for Hernando County Animal Services, Inc. was formed by a small group of local animal advocates to enhance the quality of life, increase adoptions and educate the public on behalf of the animals at Hernando County Animal Services. Please help us support our shelter animals!

Our Board of Directors
Abby Evert
     Abby has been a resident of Hernando County for 38 years.  She worked for non-profit organizations for 35 years before retiring 10 years ago.  She has volunteered with Hernando County Animal Services for 13 years.  At home are her rescued canines Bella and Toby.  
Vice President
Dottie Brown
       Is a (mostly) retired RN and Nursing Home Administrator.  Dottie has a passion for working with seniors as well as with animals.  This makes her thoroughly enjoy bringing shelter animals to visit residents in our area nursing homes. Currently, Dottie splits her time between Nebraska and Ridge Manor, traveling back and forth with her 4 legged companion, Copy Cat.
Carolyn Perry
          Carolyn has been a resident of Hernando County since 2002.  She has a soft spot for rescues with disabilities having had 2 blind dogs and another with diabetes.  At home is Jake, her adorable little terrier.  Carolyn began as a volunteer for OK and has now joined the board.  She has also volunteered for other non-profit organizations and has fundraising experience.
Sarah Caskie
        Sarah has always loved animals, but it wasn't until she was 15 years old and volunteered to work in the kennels at Hernando County Animal Services that she realized she wanted to be more involved with animals.  When she was 19 she started working at HCAS full time and worked there for almost 9 years until November 2015.  After spending 6 years in the county's Zoning Department, Sarah moved to Colorado.  Thankfully, she remains an active board member.  Sarah shares her new home with rescue dog Forrest.  
Kathy Daller
          After many years in medical administration, Kathy retired in 2016.  A natural born animal lover, it had always been a dream of hers to work with animals.  She saw a FB post about the need for volunteers at the shelter and decided that this would be her newfound "career".  Kathy has been volunteering for 8 years and cherishes every day she's there.  She also became a dog mom to one of the sweetest little pups at the shelter 8 years ago.  His name is Gunner, a rat terrier/Jack Russell mix.  He's been with her for 8 years now and is the joy of her life.  Kathy believes everyone needs a shelter dog to complete their life.


Hernando County Animal Services Representative
TJ Armstrong, Shelter Coordinator
Our Dedicated Volunteers
Jill Armbrecht
Wynn Miller
Chris Hendersen
Diane Galinski
Bob Galinski
Gary Sechen
Beverly Dunlap
Kelly Love
Missy Ritter
Angie Maggio
Joe Maggio
Carol Bunting
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